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tv   World Stories - Doctors against internet abortion info ban  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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to play the role of the underdog they do have a very strong collective memory of the victory in ninety two when they won the european championship so again anything's possible barbara more in moscow thank you for your insights. you're watching bit of a news day with us. business magazine. w. moving in fighting for the case taking
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seriously in the war a war here's what's coming up women. don't go to the female superhero not that smart talks smart state and religion are increasingly dangerous times for me. this week on world stories. broken dreams. china going electric. but first although it's possible to terminate a pregnancy in germany abortion here remains technically a crime and if that wasn't confusing enough doctors are even prohibited from giving information about it on their websites. abortion or no abortion
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a woman with an unplanned pregnancy faces extreme pressure something gynecologists christiane attend witnesses frequently she says that above all else these women need to know the facts but in germany those are. hard to come by outside of a doctor's office positive washouts test of a positive pregnancy test. time oh god and your mind is reeling and it often happens on a friday evening. and you can't get a hold of anyone so you go online and that's totally normal behavior these days. and on the internet you just find very little objective information i picked here for in four months your german law regards abortion that takes place before the twelfth week of pregnancy as a crime but not a punishable one gynecologists are not allowed to publicly advertise abortions nor to provide general information about abortion on their homepages abortion opponents
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take advantage of the lack of publicly available facts dr ten hard has even been targeted by them. believable we received letters we were called child murderers i'm someone took pictures of me and the anesthesiologist from our website and read a flyer with them. and they wrote on it how many children we kill each year how much money we earn with it and then they fax this to all the other doctors are fucked. today these pro-lifer are mainly active online and they often show extremely graphic images german women who search for abortion information online are often directed to these very websites discussion of the type it is striking all the kind of image these people have of women and how they also try to make women feel even more guilty and to make everything harder for them. the doctor says that women who are conflicted need support not preaching. this kind of i mean it's
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interest it's clear that it's not simply a medical problem but with a medical problem no one would come up with the idea of saying now or hide all the information and let her suffer that's also what i don't understand. because down a ten heart is campaigning to change paragraph two hundred one nine hundred eighty so gynecologists no longer have to fear being prosecuted and women can learn the facts. for migrants who are deported and returned to their country of origin the experience can be deeply traumatic we met one migrant shortly after he was sent back to gambia in west africa. known endearingly as a smiling coast of africa the gambia has little in way of its economy to smile
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about two decades of tyrannical rule forced especially young people to europe in search of a better life but now and a new governance these migrants asylum applications of being rejected and dumb down spent three years in germany training and working as a caregiver for the elderly until he was unexpectedly deported he now lives with his mother and six other people in a small house in the capital bundled saw. miner from the surely this is my folder from school in germany well as commander in the colossal they arrested me inside the classroom so i had to take it with me and went out of my shop and i brought my school books all the way back with me. only from here bra. this is the worst case scenario well integrated immigrant with job prospects in germany ends up back in the gambia with nothing the twenty two year old can barely
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bring himself to be the house ashamed he didn't live up to his expectations. the government everyone knew they want to deport him enough but i don't have any. problem in germany my all three. i can comment not in on you walk then go my home that are between you and finish and go to school what is really hard for me right now because they deport me without money i lost my job in germany and i'm here in one year i don't have any support for anybody so. no. activists knows how bleak the situation can be they're coming home to a country that has no more opportunities for them. let me talk country that has been done right and you know they're coming back our society that we stigmatize
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them that we treat them like if you lose. we to be deported is to us is that he be treated like a family and to be used to stigma of a society that notifies the western world it's not the best start for the gambia as young democracy but youth minister henry gomez says these little the virtually bankrupt country can do it i cannot. cite for all of them understood what i could or so we want to happen east into their problem and work with the over there problem if it comes to my office but listening will do little for people like dial who have nothing to show for their stay abroad and nothing to look forward to at home. lebanon has taken in some one and a half million syrian refugees over the past seven years with a population of only six million itself the country is finding it increasingly hard to cope a recent report by human rights watch suggests lebanese officials are harassing
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refugees in an attempt to drive them away. reedus in how bruce has been looking for safety since the beginning of the syrian war fleeing the bombs he arrived five years ago here in lebanon. a tailor he found work at a clothing shop and rented a house he began to settle down but now he says local officials are bullion him trying to force him out. and i like what i would have not a situation now in lebanon has become really bad for us refugees lebanon is pushing us to go back to syria we had to fill this application that we were asked of the area where we come from is now safe and we said it's not stable there they asked us if we want to go back i said no but they wrote down yes this could change everything happen or says it was difficult enough to find somewhere to live
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now he's scared of being evicted because of what he says is a lie well enough and i know that we cannot go back to syria we worry because some people went back and they were arrested so we cannot risk our lives by going back to. have proof is a similar fate if he goes back in two thousand and twelve he was detained and tortured under a drive by the assad regime to quell opposition ninas a pallet he ranks him a single man as a family unit official say he can't live with his mother and brother's family how bitter says this is just a pretext to throw him out and many others say they were evicted from their houses with no reason at all how bush feels like he's running out of options although eleven i know but this is really just the latest a step that the government or this president government have taken to make life more difficult for syrians and we've found that in some cases syrians have actually decided to go back to syria as a result of his affections. don't you gonna contact at the ministry of refugees
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which admitted syrians were being targeted and illegally evicted the minister of interior responsible for such cases was unavailable for comment. so i'd. have to feels he won't be safe in syria as long as bashar al assad is in power he wants to go to europe but doesn't think he'll get a visa for now he's forced to stay in lebanon even if that means being evicted and ending up homeless. china wants to become a world leader in electoral mobility e-cards are increasingly popular in the countries local authorities are fast converting their public transport fleets the city of shenzhen for sixteen thousand buses are already battery powered. alight hummer instead of the roar of a diesel engine in just three years all of change and sixteen thousand buses have
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gone electric the city's bus drivers have been retrained and there are now five thousand charging points at bus depots. a fully charged bus can travel two hundred kilometers that's about a day's driving. genting you is spearheading the changes. hide out ones we can charge the bus in the evening when services have stopped for the day. that's good because electricity costs less in the evening only being so the bus company saves money each year that means and what electric buses cost about twice as much as diesel ones but because power is relatively cheap in china the city council says electric buses cost less in the long run it claims the local economy has benefited to the buses are made by b.y.d. a car maker based in shenzhen b.y.d. is a global market leader when it comes to electric buses supplying cities like london
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and budapest. that trick bess's is just stopped is just a baby step but he was in the fish we didn't already we did not only want to actually fight those bastards but also to that effect or fight it takes us to try and audio that. china's government has an ambitious strategy plan when it comes to electric mobility and the administrative regions are doing their bit two thirds of taxis have already gone away. you idea runs charging stations throughout the make a city which the taxi drivers use at the end of their shifts its peak period then not everyone however is happy. i think it will go on is always huge and the it's not worth it it might have to charge my car for two hours every day that's a loss of ten or twenty years of business instead of earning the money i said
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around the play games on my phone. and that gets boring after a while. but the city's government is having none of it and says the low power prices make up for any other losses and drivers have to make sure they take regular breaks anyway. a city that thinks new. thinks differently. but. taking stock of the rapid changes at play in the german catch. our special on. next on.
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